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What is it?


An innovative program that not only includes interval training, but also provides invaluable nutrition and fitness education for long-term, sustainable fitness results.


Our interval training program offers:


-State-of-the-art evaluations and testing to determine your current health and abilities

-Customized exercise routines based on your body, age, fitness levels, injuries, and goals

-Brand new workouts every day to keep you interested and motivated

-Extreme accountability

-The chance to work smarter, harder and

better than you ever have before

"Body Smart has a culture of collaboration and support that starts with the coaches and is shared by all the members. I have the confidence to take the classes.  I work to my ability with the idea of constant improvement in mind."

Eileen M of Southold NY 

Results you can see in just 42 days!

Most importantly, we understand that exercise is just one component to overall fitness success. A healthy diet also makes a major impact in your progress. With Fit in 42 you can say goodbye to unsavory freeze-dried foods that claim to help you achieve your weight loss goals. You'll receive a diet plan full of whole, fresh food recommendations personalized to your specific body type and lifestyle for the best results possible.

Fit in 42 is truly redefining the concept of workout routines and weight loss.

I realized that I deserve an hour a day to invest in myself and my well-being and started working out 6 days a week even after Fit in 42 – I now confidently take all the classes offered at BodySmart 

Eva D. of Southold NY


What makes Fit in 42 different?

our team of fitness and nutrition experts understands that every member has his or her own unique health and training needs. That's why we never force one-size-fits-all strategies on our members. Instead, when working out with us, you'll receive personalized and comprehensive fitness routines as well as constant motivation to deliver optimized results based on your specific requirements.

The result is a more positive workout experience than ever before, with results you can actually SEE and FEEL in as little as just 42 days!

Here's what Kathy P of Mattituck NY has to say about Fit in 42 North Fork:

"Fit in 42 has been one of the best things I’ve done for myself.  It has changed my life.  This may seem dramatic but the changes have been dramatic!

Before Fit in 42, I felt at the end of my rope.  I was feeling weak and my self esteem was pretty low.  My weight was creeping up and my clothes didn’t fit.   I had anxiety about being in a gym let alone being a member of a gym.  

By the end of Fit in 42, my self esteem was better than it had been for a very long time, and I was wearing a smaller size than I ever had! Those goals were met and that was great!  

But, other things happened too. I felt a wonderful support system. The coaches were supportive and kept me accountable. The support of my group was the best!  The encouragement from my group and my coaches always made me want to give 110 percent both in the gym and with my nutrition. 

This encouragement kept me going, and I’m now a member of the gym where the support continues.  I’m more confident in my abilities and proud of the work I’m doing. It all began with Fit in 42!"

Michelle K saw AMAZING results!
Kathy has continued on with us after crushing it in Fit in 42!
Fred saw awesome results and has continued on with us in our large grpu classese
Jamie saw great results!
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