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What to Look For in a Gym

When you are "shopping" for a gym, do you know what to look for? It's very important that the gym you choose to spend your time and money at has your best interest in mind. The gym you join should share and support your goals. 


1 Does your gym know your goals?


The coaches here at BodySmart want to know your “WHY”. Why is this important to you and what is it YOU want to achieve? Having goals and having a coach set up a plan to help you reach your goals is a great way to keep you accountable and on track.

2 How do they assess your starting point?


Each client during their strategy session goes through our Functional Movement Screen (FMS). This assessment allows us to see how YOU move. Do you have any red flags? Any pain or limited mobility? Following the FMS screen we can formulate a plan to allow you to move better, then feel better and finally perform better. If you’re not assessing you’re guessing!

3 What system do they use to get you to your goals/destination?

Here at BodySmart we create a roadmap to your goal. Our training plans (which update as you continue to improve) allow us to see you progress and move toward your goal. No two people are built the same, so no two programs are created the same.

4 How will they determine your improvement?

At BodySmart we use the latest in body fat measurement technology to track your progress. We use an InBody machine to test your body composition (weight, muscle mass, and body fat). By tracking in this manner, we are able to calculate your exact progress.

5 Is there a team effort feel in the gym?

All of our members are treated like family. We have a very strong community within our gym. Members love training and taking classes with other members. They also love the accountability! While there is a community feeling, there is also a little bit of competition as well! It truly sets the members up for success!

6 Are their members getting RESULTS?

Absolutely-we are results driven! We run the top fat loss facility on the east end. Our members love the results they get. In addition to having your clothes fit better, and looking and feeling great, many members experience the “unseen” changes (lower cholesterol, decreasing daily medications, better bone density scans etc) With a coach by your side to hold you accountable, customized training plans and awesome classes, we guarantee you will be very successful at BodySmart.

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