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BodySmart is committed to helping men and women aged 40+ move, feel, and look their best without wasting valuable hours in the gym.

Welcome to BodySmart

Cutting-Edge Exercise & Fitness


BodySmart Semi Private Personal Training provides individualized programs that include resistance training, cardiovascular training and nutritional guidance to help you achieve maximum weight loss and your peak fitness level. The group format also creates a “team” feeling where everyone is motivated and encouraged. Additionally, you get the benefits of personal training at a more affordable rate.


Our group Classes offer a level of fun and excitement and coaches that will inspire you to work towards your true potential! We'll help you correctly incorporate exercise as part of a daily routine to improve the quality of your life.


What Our Members are Saying...

"Joining BodySmart has been one of the best things I’ve done for myself.  It has changed my life.  This may seem dramatic but the changes have been dramatic!

Before joining, I felt at the end of my rope.  I was feeling weak and my self esteem was pretty low.  My weight was creeping up and my clothes didn’t fit.  

I had anxiety about being in a gym let alone being a member of a gym.  

Soon, my self esteem was better than it had been for a very long time, and I was wearing a smaller size than I ever had! Those goals were met and that was great! 

But, other things happened too. I felt a wonderful support system. The coaches were supportive and kept me accountable. The support of my group was the best!  The encouragement from my group and my coaches always made me want to give 110 percent both in the gym and with my nutrition." 
Kathy P, Mattituck

"Body Smart has a culture of collaboration and support that starts with the coaches and is shared by all the members. I have the confidence to take the classes.  I work to my ability with the idea of constant improvement in mind."   Eileen M, Southold

"BodySmart has totally changed my life. I feel amazing. I feel incredibly strong, both mentally and physically." Chris S, Southold

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