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"You Deserve to be a Better YOU"

Updated: Jan 1, 2018

Eileen M. is one of our newest members. While she is a very active person, she came to us looking to add to her lifestyle. She knew she needed that extra "push" to help her reach her goals. We are so proud of Eileen, how far she has come, and we are excited to see how far she can go! As a bonus, her husband lost 20+ pounds while she was involved in the program!

Here is what Eileen has to say:

"Having moved to the North Fork full time in 2016, I had a huge change in lifestyle! I realized quickly that I needed help with eating and exercise.  I was involved in yoga, golf, biking and walking but needed more. I wasn’t quite sure what to do next.  I really wanted to be healthy and needed help.

I came upon the Fit in 42 by chance.  There was a contest on Facebook to win a slot in (Sept 2017) Fit in 42, so I entered!   Even though I didn’t win, Chris contacted me and we agreed to meet.  Fit in 42 sounded like a program that could work for me.

Let me just say, Fit in 42 is amazing. 

I was nervous to start but knew I needed help.  I thought, “it’s only 42 days – just do it!”  I summarize the weeks as ‘Fear, Pain, Learning, Intensity, Focus and Success’.  With the help of Chris, Annie and Rose I started to really understand proper nutrition and exercise.  We had a determined group of people in my Fit in 42 class.  All with similar goals and the commitment and willingness to work hard. 

Chris spoke to us along the journey encouraging us to get out of our comfort zone.  He said we can all do it, and he was right! Our focus was good health, strength/fitness and clean eating. I have never felt better.  There were many highlights in the 42 days.  One was our grocery store tour of the Southold IGA. Chris and Rose were so informative and knowledgeable about the right food.  I found it incredibly helpful. 

My Fit in 42 class worked hard and got the results.  The coaches are wonderful and make it a great experience. Our class started at 4:50am sharp and I looked forward to it [mostly] every day.  I was eating right, sleeping and exercising.  I lost weight, inches, body fat and increased muscle.  I gained the confidence to try anything.  My husband and I were on the Body Smart team for the Southold 5k!  I have gotten so many compliments that I look great and am excited every time. 

Right after Fit in 42, I became a member.  Body Smart has a culture of collaboration and support that starts with the coaches and is shared by all the members. I have the confidence to take the classes.  I work to my ability with the idea of constant improvement in mind. I’ve been a member of Body Smart less than 2 months and my commitment is strong.  I tribute it to Fit in 42.  It was a great jump start to good health and fitness. 

Honestly, if you are even just considering Fit in 42, just do it.  You deserve to be a better you.  No better investment than in yourself!  Hope to see you at Body Smart."

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