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"I'm Ready to Make a Change, But Where Do I Start?

Great question! Fitness is often looked at as something you feel you can do on your own. Let me ask you this- if you had a massive leak in your ceiling from an upstairs bathroom but you never did any plumbing work in your life would now be the time to try? Or would you call in a professional? Same goes for fitness….

Fitness industry seems very cyclical but it doesn’t have to be. New years resolutions are about to be in abundance and gym parking lots everywhere will become full again but only for about 2 weeks. Then as we know it most don’t stick with it….why?

Because most people don’t know where to start, what to do, and/or how to do it.

Don’t just guess or “try to figure it out”. We pride ourselves in never letting you be on your own. Many gyms welcome you into their doors only to give you a room full of equipment and no direction. We teach and train and teach and train and we as coaches continue to learn from the best in the industry. (Core value- never stop learning and always educating)

When researching the gyms in your area, keep the following questions in mind:

1 Does your gym know your goals?

We want to know your “WHY”. Why is this important to you and what is it YOU want to achieve? Having goals and having a coach set up a plan to help you reach your goals is a great way to keep you accountable and on track.

2 How do they assess your starting point?

Each client during their strategy session goes through our Functional Movement Screen (FMS). This assessment allows us to see how YOU move. Do you have any red flags? Any pain or limited mobility? Following the FMS screen we can formulate a plan to allow you to move better, then feel better and finally perform better. If you’re not assessing you’re guessing!

3 What system do they use to get you to your goals/destination?

Here at BodySmart we create a roadmap to your goal. Our training plans (which update as you continue to improve) allow us to see you progress and move toward your goal. No two people are built the same, so no two programs are created the same.

4 How will they determine my improvement?

At BodySmart we use the latest in body fat measurement technology to track your progress. We use an InBody machine to test your body composition (weight, muscle mass, and body fat). By tracking in this manner, we are able to calculate your exact progress.

5 Is there a team effort feel in the gym?

All of our members are treated like family. We have a very strong community within our gym. Members love training and taking classes with other members. While there is a community feeling, there is also a little bit of competition as well! It truly sets the members up for success!

I recently visited another gym while on a weekend road trip with my family and took in the entire experience. The gym was rather large (7,000sq ft) compared to BodySmart (less than 3,000sq ft) and full of cardio equipment and machines. Everyone had their headphones on. Everyone kept to themselves. Even though they were all part of this club there was no sense of community. Something we work on everyday is the culture of our gym. As soon as you walk in, the gym is full of life- members working out, members talking with and helping each other. A place where everyone feels comfortable and successful.

6 Are their members getting RESULTS?

Absolutely-we are results driven! We run the top fat loss facility on the east end. Our members love the results they get. In addition to having your clothes fit better, and looking and feeling great, many members experience the “unseen” changes (lower cholesterol, decreasing daily medications, better bone density scans etc) With a coach by your side to hold you accountable, customized training plans and awesome classes, we guarantee you will be very successful at BodySmart.

The fitness industry has changed a lot in the last 15 years. There is more science than ever before in this field. We are on the cutting edge and at a spot to make huge impact in someone’s life. Whether it be accountability, structure, best fat loss workout or an innovative piece of equipment we have it all for you to succeed.

We know the hardest part is walking through the door. Once you enter, you have the tools necessary for you to succeed. Don’t let the leak on the ceiling become worse by trying to figure it out on your own.

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